Depleted Uranium

Despite us being overwelmed with knowledge in todays world and having news and information at our finger tips the truth can still alude us. We still might not know what is really going on around us. The mainstream media wants to push their narratives and take political positions in regards to world events. The governments cannot be trusted as they have agendas which oppress and try to control the masses. They work together to achieve global gaslighting.

The reporting on the war in Ukraine is no different. One narritive is pushed out to people via main stream media, and thats the end of it, accept it or be cancelled. Putin is the bad guy and we are the good guys. He is wrong we are right. Unfortunately it is just not that simple.

In order to understand and know the truth you have to dig a little deeper. Find out from other sources whats really going on.

One area of interest to me has been the West’s use of ‘Depleted Uranium’. This is fired from tank shells in battle and is highly radioactive. It falls into the category of it being a bio weapon and a nuclear bomb. This poses significant health risks to Ukraine, UK and Europe. Data shows that atmospheric radiation levels have soared in the UK since the war began.

The following is artwork originally drawn by hand of what Uranium looks like, typically in a spherical shape. I have then manipulated these drawings digitally for the finished result. I have also completed a double page spread in 46pgs magazine which should be featured around May 2024.


Depleted Uranium – Light Space

Depleted Uranium – Dark Space

Depleted Uranium – Purple Core

Depleted Uranium – Center Cell

Depleted Uranium – Orbit Two